About Us

Who exactly are we?

My name is Julie and I’m a soaping addict.

You may wonder why I decided that this was the right way to introduce myself to you, but I’m sure that many of you out there can relate! Soaping is highly addictive and I’ll admit….I probably need a 12-step program … I’m totally hooked!

Starting out I bought tons of products to fuel my habit. I would go into GoodWill stores searching for things like cute shaped ice cube trays and Salad Shooters in an effort to try to save some money. I’d hit up garage sales looking for anything that might hold my soaps while they cure. But, after a year of this, my husband staged an intervention. I needed to find a way to fuel my habit and pay for my supplies without breaking the bank!

I joined tons of Co-Op groups and Pre-Sale groups on Facebook. There are so many great people out there selling awesome products! Then the thought hit me…If they can do this…why not me? That’s how Scentsational Soaping Supply was born.

I’m an Illinois wife of 20 years to an amazing man who makes me laugh and smile every day. Really…I hit the man-jackpot with this one! We have two great sons; 11 and 19 respectively. Our oldest is a Sophomore at Purdue University.

My youngest is in 6th grade and heavily into Judo and Ju-Jit-Su. He regularly tries to sneak attack his brother to catch him off guard. So, when you get your package from me, it was probably either pulled or packed by one of these three men.

We have been blessed to have been open for business for about 3 years now and have met some amazing people along the way!

YOU ARE AWESOME and I want you to feel totally pampered and appreciated! After all, none of this works without YOU! If you ever have any questions or feedback for me, please feel free to contact me at info@soapingsupply.com . I would love to hear your suggestions! Anyway I can help, I’m here for you!