Fragrance Duplication Available

Have you ever wanted to duplicate a fragrance? Scentsational Supply offers fragrance duplication at no cost to our customers! 

How it Works:

Our chemist takes the sample and runs it through a GC/MS machine. The GC portion separates each individual component of the fragrance. The MS portion quantifies the approximate percentage of each component used to create the fragrance. 

Fragrance duplications will never be an exact match to the original but will be strikingly similar to the original scent.

When you are duplicating a scent, do you need the actual fragrance oil? Say I have a candle scent I'd like to have duplicated. Can you do that?

Yes! Duplication is possible without a fragrance oil sample. Just remember, the further you get from the original fragrance oil, the more will be needed in order to duplicate. If you have a liquid fragrance such as fragrance oils and wall plug ins, we only need 1-2 fl oz. However, for candles we need at least a 12 oz of candle wax in order to extract the fragrance out to be duplicated. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to help!

How long does it take to duplicate a fragrance?

Currently it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to duplicate fragrances.

How much do I need to purchase?

The minimum purchase would need to be at least 112 fl oz (close to 7 pounds) to bring this in for you. Should you not need that much, we suggest you contact a few friends and each take a bottle or two. Sometimes we will bring a duplicated fragrance into our store if it is a good fit for our customer base. Not all duplicated fragrances make it into our store.

Where do I send my sample to?

Send it to:  Scentsational Soaping Supply
                 1382 Knollwood Circle
                 Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Make sure you include your name and e-mail address so I can keep you posted about your duplication.