Titanium Dioxide - Water Soluble


Water soluble Titanium Dioxide is a natural super-whitening mineral used in products such as soaps, lotions, cosmetics and other toiletries. It is lip and eye safe so it can also be used in lip sticks and mineral makeups. Can be master-batched with water and stored in squirt bottles for easy use.

Using titanium dioxide in cold-process soaps: The general usage rate for cold-process soaps is 2-3 teaspoons of titanium dioxide per pound of soap. You can use more but please be aware the more you use will increase the chance it may migrate into other colors. Titanium Dioxide to Water ratio: 1 teaspoon TD : 1 tablespoon water.

Using titanium dioxide in melt and pour soaps: The general usage rate is 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of titanium dioxide per pound of melt and pour soap. Mix a small amount with vegetable glycerin and add to your soap.

Using titanium dioxide in lotions: The general usage rate is 1 teaspoon of titanium dioxide per pound of lotion. Mix the titanium dioxide into the water phase of your lotion making process for best results.

INCI: Titanium Dioxide
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